Mary Maka is an illustrator, animator, and animation director based in Serbia.

Mary showed an interest in drawing from early childhood and attended art school, which helped her formulate her intention to continue following the path of an artist. In 2012, Mary successfully passed the exams and entered the Academy of Architecture and Art, Faculty of Design. During her studies, her favorite subjects were graphics, painting, and bookmaking. Mary devoted her graduation project to the study of book illustration and hand-printing techniques. In the following years, Mary focused on studying graphics and printing techniques and worked as a graphic designer, subsequently becoming an art director. In 2019, Mary decided to focus on illustration and combine graphic practice and design into illustration, creating her whimsical worlds. Themes of nature, fairy tales, and mythology became key in Mary’s work. Since 2019, Mary has collaborated with companies around the world, such as Google, HP, Unisef, Xiaomi, Kiehl's, Affinity designer, Snap chat and has created illustrations for publications like The Washington Post and New Scientist magazines, among others. In 2020, Mary expanded her practice by enrolling in additional education at the animation director department. Her final work, the “Endless Forest” project, consisted of a series of digital artworks exhibited in China in 2023. Mary currently works in a variety of media including illustration, animation, directing and sculpture. She participates in both commercial projects and in the development of her own projects, one of which is the creation of a short film.

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